What We Do

Typically, we assist small businesses that are within the first five to ten years of operation.

We have been able to help these types of businesses identify markers within their own operation and use those identifiers to compare against direct competitors, alternatives or substitutes that exist within the market.

At this point we are able to provide guidance that will allow the business to increase market share and maintain or increase profitability while doing so.


Why We Do It

Over the years, we have found a common denominator among successful businesses of all sizes: Web Presence.

We have also realized that there are a great number of small business start ups that have no web presence, online marketing plan,  the business knowledge, and more importantly time, to implement such tools.

We know that most of these entrepreneurs are great at whatever it is that they do, but are usually too busy doing it, to manage the business end of things.

For those business owners who realize that the only way to grow a small business into a medium and possibly even a large sized business, we are ready to assist.